Immigration / Asylum Law


Protection from persecution, conflict or systemic discrimination is necessary for prevention of all violations of human rights. Persecution occurs because of the failure of the national state authorities to effectively intervene by force of law with transgressors. The international community has now declared responsibility for these circumstances by building upon what was a required urgent response to these issues after World War II with the Convention relating to the Status of Refugees and its later Protocol of 1967. It was soon recognized as an appropriate and powerful instrument for civilized states to build a foundation for the purpose of extending human rights. The offending state then faced the prospect of loss of sovereignty by default policy. The United Nations was established.

This is why we have political asylum law, refugee law and immigration. It recognises the inherent weakness of mankind and his institutions. Only in exceptional times and very infrequently, this weakness is demonstrated by true leaders of people who are capable of changing the sociological and political system of this world. They are recognized outliers and are free from the contemporary and conventional wisdom of their day.

This is how we approach this subject.

Persecution, conflict and systemic discriminations in any part of the world are unacceptable. So, however inadequate our laws, their ineffectiveness or the lack of will to change them for the better, we must all take power unto ourselves and partake in the rejection of these persecutions at their source. Human Rights Law was provided for people who are placed with no political and civil stability. Those who suffer from deadly conflict, persecution, serious harm and systemic discrimination resulting in necessary flight, immigration, asylum and seeking refugee status have imperative needs and let us give them safety and stability.

Let us then use the rule of law.

Nations are global now and to each International Law, European law and global policy matters. The impact of the European Union upon other outlier nations and citizens of the global south assists refugees for breach of their human rights, their political and social disruption, exploitation and deprivation. We are globally witnessing a systemic discrimination of social and national peoples who are being deprived by political and economic ineptitude and terror. No law can permit this type of action by any actor. We the people have common cause with the asylum seeking peoples. We too are them. We are for them.We use our rule of law to make change for them! We must lead and show solidarity. We seek and want globally recognized protected freedoms anterior and superior to positive law. We seek to live together with legitimacy.

Tous les Monde cherchent une nouveau Magna Carta de Monde!